We and the street people

In today’s article we will test your imagination to help you understand how the world is viewed from the perspective of a street man, a drug addict living in social shelters, or an orphan child who has moved away from God.

The story we are going to tell is a real case that was made known in the last year by the American press and is about the gesture of Salt Lake City Mayor, Ben McAdams, who spent 3 days and 2 nights among homeless people sleeping on city ​​streets and social shelters. Mayor McAdams wanted to find out exactly the social situation of these distressed people and joined the needy without knowing the press, this mayor’s decision was made public a few months later when the mayor prepared some reforms.

Ben McAdams’ experience these days was shocking, he witnessed a brawl between two people in the street where one of them was hit with a concrete head, he witnessed when one of the roommates in the social shelter was injecting with drugs and discovered the miserable conditions in which these unhappy people live.

Also, the mayor of Salt Lake City found out that the social shelter’s toilet was a pretty dangerous place where street people could be sexually assaulted, and the staff at the shelter tolerated drug use in the rooms where the needy were housed.

These have deeply moved the American mayor, and the fact that homeless people prefer to sleep on the streets rather than in social shelters indicates the failures of this social assistance system that does not provide the necessary security.

We must also remember that this type of experience represents the daily life of a large number of people, including children, far too young to be able to resist drugs and other pitfalls of modern life, and these children remain with traumas that will affect their entire lives.

Even if we are not the mayor of a city or the leaders of a social community, we all have to take attitude in such problems and try to help the disadvantaged who have no friends or close relatives, who feed on the trash or who often have to sleep on the streets.


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