Resistance for the sacred mountain

One of the stories that have circulated today in the most popular daily newspapers is that of the Karangahake Gorge in New Zealand, which is very close to entering a gold mine exploitation process. This scenario is not new to our readers, this case includes a large company that managed to obtain all the legal approvals for the start of the operation, even those from the Department of Conservation in New Zealand.

Those who benefit from this action are very few, but the most important thing is that the mountain Karangahake Gorge is considered sacred, being in an area very loved by the locals but also by tourists.

Often it is inexplicable the decision of certain politicians or civil servants who provide support for such projects that lead to the degradation of the natural environment, pollution and do not offer many benefits to the citizens of that area. We must remember that New Zealand is a country with a very high standard of living in which the landscapes and wild nature have provided inspiration for several film directors.

Even Mount Karangahake Gorge is just 90 km from Hobbiton, an attraction for tourists around the world.

Several local activists have so far managed to stop the work or at least slow down the operation. They claim that the authorities have made the wrong decision and will try all kinds of actions to prevent the destruction of their environment.

Until now, they have blocked the access roads through spontaneous protests or discouraged the advance of the machines by circulating at low speed on the main roads leading to the mountain. The effort of the locals is a model to be followed and for the other citizens who are in similar situations, the mining companies are no longer satisfied with the extractions from the isolated areas, but they want to increase their profits by destroying the environment and affecting the condition of nature and the people living in harmony with what surrounds them.

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